What is Freemasonry ?

Freemasonry is a multi-generational fraternal organization that unites men of good character regardless of their race, religion, politics or social standing.  Each man learns from his brothers the art of morality, harmony, ethics and the art of manhood. Through the three degrees of Masonry men learn and grow in merit and with internal strength.

Freemasonry provides opportunities for sincere, honest, forthright men who believe in s Supreme Being and desire to contribute to the improvement of their communities and themselves.

Through our Masonic Fraternalism, we reaffirm our dedication and unity to become involved citizens who have a strong desire to preserve the values that have made and continue to make America great.


Symbolic Lodge

The foundation of all Freemasonry is the Symbolic Lodge, sometimes called the Blue Lodge.  Each Lodge is a self governing local organization that promotes friendship, education and brotherhood through the conferral of three degrees.  The Masonic Lodge is a refuge from the divisiveness of partisan politics and religion where men can achieve dialogue and concord among our brothers.

In the Symbolic Lodge, men learn the importance of a broad based liberal arts education, fairness, fortitude, wisdom and charity.